A management platform built for NPO’s and government organisations working with orphaned & vulnerable children.

What does OVCmeasure do?

Beneficiary Data Management

Every single piece of information that you need to have (and want to have) about a beneficiary, safely stored and neatly organised. This includes everything from a profile picture, copies of important documentation, to program enrolments, social work reports and intervention notes.

Impact Measurement

Internationally standardised assessments aligned with domains from the Child Status Index are used to determine the wellbeing and continued development of children participating in your programs. This helps to identify areas for immediate intervention, but also helps to determine program impact over time.

Program/Intervention Planning Driven By Data

Management and fieldworker dashboards are automatically updated using data from profile completion, attendance and assessments. These dashboards inform users of everything from attendance overviews to urgent matters (flags) regarding beneficiaries that need to be addressed.

Management Dashboards

With OVCmeasure information becomes data. The data generated is presented in dashboards which aggregates beneficiary data onto a single screen. Managers can use the information to make informed, data-driven decisions when allocating resources and identifying appropriate interventions.

Child Sponsorship Management

Automated updates are generated and sent by OVCmeasure to each donor linked to a specific child. These updates adhere to POPIA act regulations, by anonymizing recognizable factors of the child, but keeping it personal for the donor to establish connection.

Staff & Volunteer Management

Capture all the important information related to your staff & volunteers in one place. Store compliance docs (ID’s, police clearance, etc), and disciplinary processes and track their training.

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